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The ErgoMeasure team has decades of experience in 3D modeling, drafting and measuring for the engineering and construction industry so we understand the importance of getting it right the first time. Our commitment to providing accurate, cost effective solutions allows our clients to focus on their expertise since 2007.

We have built a solid reputation on solving spatial and design problems for our clients. Our team has developed state-of-the art measuring equipment and software which enables us to deliver projects beyond our client’s expectation. If you find yourself scratching your head, let our team’s passion for innovation help you save time and resources.

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I have the plans, why do I need ErgoMeasure?

In an ideal world, the dimensions of a building or object will perfectly match the dimensions on the architectural or structural drawings from which it was built. In reality, building tolerances and mistakes almost always result in an object that is visually as well as dimensionally different from the plans.

The issues that are created by the building process can be solved by recalibrating the theoretical drawings or models to match the asbuilt world. With our help you can continue the next phase of manufacturing or building with the confidence that you are working off the real world data.

Feature Case Study: “The Collective” Lobby Cladding

“The Collective” lobby is quite impressive with the 3D geometric wall protrusions that give the space a very futuristic and unique feel. The walls were to be built out with framing, clad with timber veneer and then highlighted with lighting channels. The complex framing made the templating for the final timber veneer panels almost impossible so ErgoMeasure was asked to help solve the headache.

When technique meets technology…

Using multiple forms of highly accurate equipment and combing them  with 3D animation and high end visualisation help us achieve highly interactive solutions where our clients see the results prior to fabrication. We believe that troubleshooting a simulation is both safer and more cost effective than troubleshooting errors midway through a multi-million dollar installation, decommissioning or dangerous lift.

ErgoMeasure Perth


This method is best used for areas that require visible feedback of the proposed plan or model over the site. The placement of markers requires physical access but allows for faster visualisation techniques.

3D Laser Measurement


When access to the object or area being measured is difficult due to distance or danger – 3D laser measurement is the choice. Flexibility in collection methods and focused feature measurement are possible due to collecting single data points at a time.

3d Laser Scanning Perth


The ultimate in data collection with millions of data points being scanned per second. As built comparisons, equipment mapping, damage analysis, verticality studies, design verification, retrofitting. The applications are endless.

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